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Monday, 11 August 2014

The Indian National Anthem Protocol ( INDIA ) - Public Interest

Other than the core meaning, one must also be aware of general rules regarding singing The National Anthem:

- This full version of the anthem is about 52 seconds long.It must be completed on time.There is also a shorter version that includes only the first and last lines of the full version. The short version of India's national anthem, which is 20 seconds long, comprises the following quartet:

- One must always stand in an upright manner while the anthem is playing.

- Renditions of the anthem--other than those that resemble the original--are considered disrespectful.

- One must not be under the influence of any substance or intoxicated while singing the anthem--the idea is to have a clear mind and mean what you're saying!

- If the National Anthem is played by a band, it should be preceded by a roll of drums--which is about 7 seconds long--to make the audience aware of it, and give them enough time to stand.

-There should not be any indiscriminate singing of the anthem.

A failure to abide by these rules is punishable by law!

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