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Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Metro Rail on fast Track......

AHMEDABAD: The first phase of the Rs 19,000 crore metro rail project between Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar, spanning over 83 kms, is scheduled for completion in 2017.
The project covers around 83 kms connecting important points of Ahmedabad like Kalupur railway station, civil hospital, airport and reaching to Gandhinagar for connecting GIFT city, state secretariat and Akshardam.
The project, requiring an estimated Rs 7,600 crore funding over the next two years, has Rs 550 crore provision in the state budget 2013-14, and around Rs 500 crore in the previous one, sources in MEGA said.
The metro rail project may have stumbled in the past due to financial constraints and overly ambitious plan,But with ex-Gujarat CM Narendra Modi in delhi as the country's PM,the Project is chugging on its way to reality..

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