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Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Will Narendra Modi Improve India !!!!!!

Mr.Narendra Modi came from small village of Gujarat and he faces many challenges to became common man to Prime minister of India..But main challenges start now because of all Indians expectations on him.
Its 63 days left to Narendra modi government.There are many changes accrued in economy and policies but still long way to go.....
Many issues are on top priority for Indian government but as we saw Mr.PM not drew his attention on this. Mr.Narendra Modi Should keep their promises which he given to Indians by the time of election.
Nowadays Indians are suffering from price rise,middle-class and poor people are facing survival problem because all necessary things rate increases day by day
Next major issue is Pakistan attack on Indian Boarder.We are loosing our army soldiers every day just because liberty of Indian Government.
Next then Corruption which make our Indian economy worse,Additionally crime ration increasing,lacking of Health Service etc.
Still we keep hope on Mr.Narendra Modi for improve India's current condition.

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