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Friday, 18 July 2014

Global Warming effects in Ahmedabad,Gujarat

Currently Ahmedabad is getting relaxation after tremendous heat.Rain is like god blessing for whole Amdavadis(All Ahmedabad People).
Ahmedabad wether has became worsen year by year.In current year it reaches 47 Celsius,and currently facing late monsoon.
It all thanks to global warming which is result of what we did..There are many phase behind it,one of them is vehicle Pollution Ahmedabad is top in Gujarat who has highest vehicle in city.Secondly poisonous air released by chemical factories there are many rules are existed but it is like slept on wrist .Thirdly,Urbanization,Ahmedabad is spreading day by day where agricultural land is become township,result of this trees are reducing so environment balance is disturbing.
Government and domestic people need to understand future danger of it

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