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Wednesday, 23 July 2014

How to reduce stress at workplace!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Generally we spent 8-9 hour per day at our workplace at that time office culture should be more important for any employees.when you came at home after job you should feel relax and energetic.its all depends on your work environment and you.
Firstly,Schedule your work and keep time table for every work which gives you idea which works on priority base and status of your work so you can easily do your work.
Secondly,Submit you daily work report to your concern higher authority so you feel relax that some one is there to guide for next task result is your fear will be removed for loosing your job.
Lastly, Keep Smile on your face never be frustrated for work or any issues arise at office.Think for maximum possibilities if your work is not satisfied they will terminate you they can't do any other things so be relax and give your best efforts on your task.
One most important thing is that "There are always work and money for that people who really wants to do work dose not matter if any company terminated you.

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