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Tuesday, 22 July 2014

MERCY KILLING !!!!!!!!!!!

Euthanasia is all time controversy topic in this whole world.Currently in INDIA it is most debatable topic.
Mercy killing means a person give permission to kill his self mainly who suffering from unbeatable disease.
there are many drawbacks for it on other side it reduce cost of country as well as family.
Many NGO's and Social Worker are strictly opposed mercy killing as per their opinions 'if we have no right to birth we should not kill any person'
Mercy killing rules is accepted by many developed countries,they believes that if any person suffering from unpreventable disease,if it will be not curable in future and if A person want to finish his life then this rules apply.
There are many misuse of it.Crime ratio will be increase and illegal work can be done by some people.
Currently in INDIA majority public oppose this Rule but still waiting for last decision of SUPREME COURT.

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