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Friday, 5 September 2014

Let's Fight Against terrorism.....

  • Do not take news bulletin lightly. Do not step out of the house if you come across news reports of terror attack.
  • Call your relatives and friends and ask them to stay back home.
  • Keep all helpline numbers such as numbers of hospitals, blood banks, police stations, etc. handy.
  • Keep your mobile phone charged and make sure that you will not run out of balance on such tricky situation.
  • Be alert. If you come across any suspicious person or belongings, immediately report to the authority.
  • Try to analyse the situation. Rumors spread easily in such situations. Try to know the facts from reliable sources.
  • While traveling, instead of looking outside the window keep your eye under the seats for any suspicious stuff.
  • Look for a place to hide in case of a sudden gunfire or bombarding.

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