Monday, 1 December 2014

Change your life with five thoughts in one Day...

Everyone wants to change currant condition of their but how can be possible if people don't accept changes..
If we change to world we have to change first.
Here we talk top five changes which can change our life in One day..

1) In Morning : Change Thought Process
  - When you wake up in the morning keep smile on your face at look at your right hand on front of your face and pray god that I will be happy and I make happy people today after that see any thing else.After that just do 5 minutes Meditation which keeps your energy whole day.

2) At Office time : Be Free by Mental Pressure
  - Generally people found more stress-full to go for office.Actually as per human mentality we don't like to work under pressure or with any Observation.Let's make it change by doing simple thing when your going to office just think for your work not about your Head or boss at that time if you really enjoying your work your stress will be reduce.
Be Individual Try to make your work more importance then your office environment.  
3) At Afternoon : Go for Progress
  - Afternoon time is generally laziest time at that time do something innovative which you like,try to learn new things regarding your work or to enhance your quality in work.Additionally on this time analysis your work and your growth so it will give you clear picture of next goal.

4) At Evening : Stay with Positivity
  - At evening time you more relax and calm from hectic daily routine.Talk with optimistic person which can guide you or where you can share your daily incidents either its worst or beautiful. listen your favorite music while you doing your house hold work

5) At Night : Be Relax
  - After whole day when you are going to bed read some spiritual or any your favorite book for 10 to 15 minutes.which divert your mind from your whole day activities.After at the time of sleeping just join your hand to say thanks to god for what you have calm and avoid over thinking at  night keep full sleep to be fresh in morning.

This five changes can change your routine life more interesting and cheerful..

In Sum up never thought that your alone,One Universal Energy always with you to help you grow higher and higher.

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